Written by Shelley Armato

Yes, I copied and pasted this text! The good old finger pointing game. I have attended several workshops talking about eliminating finger pointing in the construction industry.

Impossible? literally another IDEA of what is impossible, the game is finger point to draw attention away from the issue.

Yesterday I was in a meeting with an owner, he spoke about this, he was accused of saying something he FOR SURE did not say. Then the General Contractor had whipped out meeting minutes showing him their “proof”. My question to the owner was, “who composed and had custody of the meeting minutes”? He looked curiously and said, “the GC”. Have you ever wondered if they were changed to fit their script?

WE can answer that for you because we have seen edited meeting minutes firsthand, because our responsibility is to gather and supply any copies. YES, they could be easily changed to meet the needs of the project, yes you have been falsely accused, yes you should be mad as hell! YES, you can now do something about the finger-pointing. Have control of your project files, at the moment of creation, and always at your fingertips.

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