Truth Matters, Facts Matter, Forensics Matters

Written by Shelley Armato

I am asked to be on several panels, and keynote speaking sessions. My success is sought after. Questions include:

How did you do that?

Did you fund raise?

How big is your sales team?

How did you come up with this idea?

All the answers start with, I took massive action. I know the challenges I am solving firsthand!


However, sometimes I get a panel prep call that sounds like this:

I am going to need you to tamp this down.

I am going to have to reel you in.

I smile and say “ok”, knowing that I am willing to do something others push aside, I talk about the downfalls in the construction industry.

I have always been willing to talk about challenges, only because I am also willing to seek answers. I am the instigator, investor, smiling the whole time knowing that I will not be stopped. I will continue speaking about corruption, I will continue offering solutions to the construction industry!

I get it. I spoke with a high-ranking officer for the Corp of Engineers, she said, she did not like the word corruption, it offended her.  I asked her if she had a BETTER word for attempting to change documents behind the backs of the owners?  All stakeholders deserve the ability to do their craft.  I am on a mission to uncover the gatekeepers. She knows what happens, I showed her a government project, in which files were trying to be changed after being accepted and solidified. YET she stands at the gate with her arms crossed as if she could stop me.


Truth matters, facts matter, forensics matters. #saveourindustry

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