Get the Project Support You Need

Written by Shelley Armato

Can you ever think of a time when you felt you had to do something, and you hoped it would be okay? Your job?  Had too many drinks and drove? Uneven partnerships? We have all be there, we don’t think it will happen to us, we think we are immune for some reason.

Construction is no different, the thought of getting audited by the FAA is just a distant thought, and if it happens, we will just figure it out. You might think I most likely won’t get sued, the contingency will cover the changes, we are friends on the project, etc.

Until now that was the only choice. Until now the illusion of protection was like jumping out of an airplane and assume your chute will open!  Let’s consider this, the joy it costs you, your family, your relationships if a project goes upside down. Have you adapted? If you could be protected from litigation, discovery, or even testify in front of congress as to “what happened,” on your project, wouldn’t you want security instead?

Every great success story comes from adversity, like the founder of Uber, he had an unacceptable taxi ride. The co-founder of MySmartPlans was taken advantage of by a general contractor. The project was a document, digital disaster and they got the best of him.  Stand back if you are in construction and you think we won’t be needed on your project. We are the new STANDARD, we are the PROTECTION, we SUPPORT!

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