Written by Shelley Armato

We have heard it all, but this one takes the prize for told ya so!

The general contractor told the owner, we have it handled. We track all changes through email, we are all friends, we have been in business for over 45 years, and we know what we are doing!

Lucky, this project had a wise owner, who made the decision to bring MySmartPlans on the project. They agreed to let the contractor use their e-mail system, the one they had made promises on…

The phone rang, and the owner’s wife called and asked if we heard? They are being sued for 6 million dollars in unauthorized changes. This could close this legacy company. Thankfully the owner had MySmartPlans on the project, they had all the project information he needed and could save his company from litigation.

Our message is simple. Organized document governance is a must! A third-party custodian preparing to defend your claim is a must. We can lead a horse (or GC) to water, but we can not make you drink.

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