400 Duct Boots Changed, and I Missed It!

Written by Shelley Armato

Miscommunication issues are common in construction, yet few projects are willing to prepare for the challenge.

A large general contractor shared this embarrassing story with us. They semi laughed, saying that “they sued the architect and lost! This was an expensive oversight.”

See the project had a change order come in and 400 HVAC duct boots had changed, and the contractors missed it. But if MySmartPlans would have been supporting this project, the change would have been noted in color, yes color. See, we take the latest drawings and compare them with the new change order drawings and color compare the sheets. Additionally, we note that change with a link to the change order, so the description is viewed from the plans and change order folder. With MySmartPlans everyone on the project would have seen the changes that the architect made, even on-site.

Protection from litigation and clear project communication are just two of the many benefits of our lifesaving state-of-the-art technology!

Not all are willing to see what we are about, only the select few “get it.” How much do you have to suffer before you surrender?!

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