Written by Shelley Armato

The phone rings, it is the lawyer for the construction company trying to get to the bottom of the issue, you take a deep breath and take the call.

The Ribbon Cutting ceremony, the day everyone on the project has been waiting for. The pictures, the big scissors, hard hats, suits, ties, dresses, and shiny shoes…just cut the damn ribbon. But it was a terrible experience, let’s just all smile and pretend like we are friends!

Then the awards, best project in class, trophies, more “smiles”. This part isn’t shiny and smiley, uncovering what went wrong with the project. Construction defect claims, liens, and dread.

We have all been there, construction is the most unorganized, undocumented industry in the world. Litigation looms, bid rigging occurs, and you have no defense!

UNTIL TODAY. Shelley and Dominick know this issue all too well in the industry. Dominick was the best-known panting sub-contractor in Kansas City. He painted the town red, churches and casinos were his niche. In 2007, a heart-dropping call came. He had bonded a project for a million dollars, with the intendent to do his best work. The contractor had told him they wanted him on the project, they had never worked with a company like his, said he was the best, the contractor was so bold with him. Through the project they would PDF pass him information, he did his best to track, organize and deliver his trade. He was being put on notice that they were going to call his bond, the GC was so sorry (truly). They did not intend to do this to him, they would help him all they could. His company finished the project and we lost over 500k. He closed his company, enough was enough.

They took that devastating loss to reinvent the industry!  Shelley and Dominick know there is a better way, they are on a personal mission to bring transparency, fair play, and accountability to the construction industry.

Every potential lawsuit involves pre-discovery, the cost of trying to find “the smoking guns” in the case. Millions of dollars are spent, countless hours wasted, silo dumping, all to try and find a needle in the haystack.  Instead, think about building that case from day one. Track all project info, including emails, audit-ready project delivery, inspections, submittals, RFI’s all because the document library is the most sacred part of the project. We have reinvented the industry and our third-party custodian is the most valuable lifesaver from day one! BUILD TO DEFEND!

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