7 Take-Aways from the TRB Annual Conference

Written by Shelley Armato

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides leadership in transportation improvements and innovation. This year’s TRB Annual Conference was held in Washington DC and presented by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 

  • WOW, we had a great time in Washington DC. Breezy weather surrounded us alongside the majesty of our country’s history.
  • Words matter and so does correct punctuation. SLOW MEN WORKING should have a comma.  Or should it be politically, correct?  “Slow, People Working”, “Slow, Construction Ahead”, or what about “Women Working Fast”? Words matter and punctuation is important!
Slow Men Working? Looks like they need MySmartPlans
  • How many students can be in one place?  We were delighted with the passion and curiosity of the students in attendance and that gives us great hope in our nation!
  • Our Uber drivers were great! Except one, but she was having a bad day, and it was our pleasure to be kind. Be the example and brighten someone else’s burden!
  • The FOOD was fabulous. Midwest hospitality is not a thing in DC, people are more to themselves and stand-offish. We showed our kindness to anyone that was willing to receive!
  • Security was great. We met an officer that supported our county during the Jan 6 insurrection and he stood on his feet for 20 hours that day. No time to break for food or water, doing more than his job! Proud of him and those who serve!
Thankful to those who serve us every day, don’t overlook the helpers!
  • STOPPING THE CHANGE ORDER booth 1151 had a lot of attention. We met FDOT, AKDOT, TNDOT, TXDOT, and several other states. They all agreed we solve the greatest challenges of our time!

Can we please stop burning through our nation’s capital with bogus change orders?  We can do better! Protect the Change Order Games


Spoke at the Solutions Showcase on Litigation Proof Construction


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