Glass Houses: Living the Challenge

Written by Shelley Armato

Those that live in a glass house understand the power of Windex

We are impacting the industry so everyone will build completely transparent. We have seen the downfall of projects, we were stuck in the middle of one.

Dominick and I lived the nightmare of him having to close the doors on a 3rd generation company because of bid rigging and misinformation. He was the most significant painting contractor in Kansas City for 43 years. We know the challenges in the industry! But we said that was enough and rose up to create MySmartPlans, so no one else would have to endure that devastation.

Living the challenge than solving it, creates the best solutions on the market!

Stop throwing away budgets on projects

Stop putting subcontractors out of business

Stop Construction Litigation

Stop the Status Quo

Building with AI is critical to the success of all stakeholders, eliminating document manipulation is mandatory, and plucking the chicken (creating change orders to maximize your revenue) benefits no one! 

Since we have lived the nightmare, we know the tools to impact!

Smart Information Management

Third-Party Gatekeepers integrating audited and complete data

Litigation-Proof Construction

Transparency and Communication

Digital Twin from Day one, through 50+ years, post completion

Join the Revolution


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