We Disrupt the Change Order Game

Written by Shelley Armato

It is highly accepted that change orders must be present, disrupting the schedule, the budget, the backups it creates, and the stories that are invented. Did you ever think this was possible?

Confusion is the name of the game. Take as much money as you can, and set up the project to blindside the owners.

Stories like supply chain issues, at one time it was a lumber shortage, then concrete. I have heard all types of the same story: a shortage of glaciers and sub-contractors, and they are just that.


Do you remember the story of The Three Little Pigs? There was one Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Pigs, with the same problem. The wolf seemed so large and scary until the one pig built his house out of bricks. Then the wolf wasn’t so frightening anymore.

MySmartPlans builds the same concept, protect your budget, protect your schedule, and protect yourself. MySmartPlans protects your data for the project because we are the gatekeepers, linking all critical data, all corresponding documents, tracking weather, emails, change orders, plans, BIM models, and building a living breathing time capsule of your data.

Owners are held hostage to their data, overwhelmed with decision making, while the whole time being on the LINE for the successful project. Knowledge is power!

Like many fables, when you get a different view, the story changes.

Here are a few examples of what we have caught on projects.

  • Attempts to Change Meeting Minutes
  • Missing Documents on Referenced Sheets
  • Misnumbering RFI’s, ASI’s Addenda, Submittals, etc.
  • Changed Contracts
  • Changed Warranties
  • Requests to Open Closed Documents in Order to Make Changes…Behind the Owners’ Back!

You name it we have experienced it; we have had people turn on us when we expose the issue. However, we also have multiple awards for disrupting the industry.

Do you want to build your project correctly with bricks or watch your straw or stick houses continuously get blown over?

Join us in changing the industry, challenging the status quo, and building better!

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