Written by Shelley Armato

We have the fantastic opportunity to bless Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Kansas City, MO. Ms. Pitts is an incredibly passionate advocate and a visionary for her students. We don’t spare a dime when we bless her class, our monthly gifts, and unlimited Amazon deliveries allow for her teachings to support the next generation of leaders! 

As always giving to these students and teachers is incredibly rewarding for us.

We gifted her classroom stockings filled with little toys, fidgets, and games.

We also were able to gift her classroom the most huggable stuffed animal Squishmollows.

It was so fulfilling to see all the kids hugging these pillows. That is what the world needs, a big hug!

I can’t help but think about the number of people in the construction industry that live with the stress of missing and incomplete information, and how it affects their lives and families.

We want to give everyone the opportunity of a big hug and remove the worry about documentation or losing your project budget to litigation.

We align ourselves with leaders, raising the standard in the industry.

Let’s Build Together!

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