Written by Shelley Armato

Sports teach us a lot about trust, teamwork, perseverance, tenacity, and believing in yourself. I can’t help but think about how we have been through so much as subcontractors turned litigation-proof construction technology creators. We have been on multiple projects that only did what was asked of them, lacked documentation, cut corners, and blamed others. Those types of projects put subcontractors (like our 40-year legacy painting company) out of business.

We decided is time we create winning teams in the construction industry!

But how do you create a winning team?

Andy Reid has a proven recipe for a winning team:

                A cup of a quality leader like Patrick Mahomes

                An ounce of offensive playmakers like Pachecho and Kelsey

                Sprinkles of linemen like Jones and Gray

                Blend together all knowledgeable players


A winning team in construction includes loyalty, trust, communication, documentation, transparency, and attention to detail.

Dominick and I were lucky enough to take our grandbabies to Denver for the Chiefs vs Broncos game last weekend and it was epic!

We no longer worry about a project missing data and putting our company under, because we hold the knowledge for others. We can enjoy our lives while ensuring others can do the same on their construction projects.

Welcome to Empower Field. Join our winning team!

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